Yogyakarta Indonesia Week 1

Yogyakarta Indonesia
Week One
Carolyn and I have been here for a week now and having a great time! Here's a taste of our experience:

New mural by our friend Arie Dyanto. It's awesome! There are now over 500 murals in Yogya.

Candy shop

Aaron Noble's mural (three years later) -- this one has held up the best.

Andrew Schoultz's mural (three years later) -- faded and peeling a bit, but still looks pretty great.

Sadly, Carolyn Ryder Cooley's mural did not hold up so well -- it was repeatedy bombed with graffiti and the city asked Samuel Indratma to repaint it.

We went to what was once the Sultan's Water Palace -- very beautiful, the city has just renovated it. However, what we really loved were the batiks (made by the neighborhood residents). Check these out -- they couldn't be more over the top:

Pretty awesome!

We then visited the Sultan's old underground mosque.

And I still have my obsession with vehicles -- especially cool old trucks. I would love to be able to bring one home from here.

And the catalogue editing begins!!! Gebang (at computer) is our newest addition to the crew -- he's helping with the final work.


What's work without a little play?! We took a break to paw Arie (in his new Mexican wrestling mask that Carolyn brought him).

Meeting up at Via Via with Ade.

Hanging out at Sam & Ade's.

Samuel Indratma's new project.

Sam's project

Very cool vest made by Samuel Indratma

Bag made by Samuel Indratma