Yogyakarta Final 2 weeks part 2

Yogyakarta Indonesia
Final 2 Weeks (part 2)

Welcome To The New Yogyakarta
After spending three weeks in Yogya, I was surprised to learn that the city is undergoing a major development boom. This wasn't initially apparent to me since most of my time is spent within the city. However, after spending time with my friends Entang and Christine, and architect Eko Prowoto, I learned that 3 new super malls have been built on the outskirts of the city (a total of 7 are planned), and a number of gated communities have also been erected, with many more in the works. The news saddened me, as I recognize the unhealthy influence of America and sub/urban sprawl with consumerism at its heart. I understand the situation is complex and not black and white; however, I can't deny the disappointment and impression that the longterm impact will likely be a negative one.

These are images that I took of the diorama's in the new super mall of the latest planned gated communities.

This is one of the actual new gated communities near the new super mall.

New super mall

Anton and Novi making plans to enhance the Starbucksesque imagery for the new coffee shop (yes, they too are using that lame style).