What's The Story Morning Glory

What's The Story Morning Glory?

Morning Glory that IS the story ... or part of it.

MIA again due to many activities -- High Desert Test Sites in Joshua Tree, working on my upcoming installation and drawings for Wall Works 3 at Traywick Contemporary, working on my project with Marina Perez-Wong Produced by Marina Perez-Wong for Megan Wilson for Galleon Trade in Manila, Philippines, and the installation of my current exhibition at Tinlark Gallery in LA:

Morning Glory
Tinlark Gallery
May 26 - June 30 2007
6671 Sunset Boulevard, #1512
Hollywood, CA

What a wonderful space! Installing the show was exhausting, but Cris (Tinlark owner), Jessica (Associate Director), and a great crew of assistants (Carolyn and Phillipa, Carly, Rachel, Leslie, and Matt) helped to make the experience very enjoyable and seamless -- thank you!!!

Jessica and Cris -- these women rock!!

Miss Carolyn, day 2

In progress, day 3

My wonderful friends Jim and Ly stopped by while they were in LA for a wedding.

Philipa and Carly on the sequins and pins

Cris's awesome cousin Matt, the guerilla rug installer

Day 5


A couple of weeks before this, Carolyn (Castaño) and I participated at the High Desert Test Sites in Joshua Tree. Carolyn is on of the artists who customized a Wagon Station for Andrea Zittel. The event was a blast. Highlights included sleeping under the stars in the Wagon Station with the lid up; watching Piotr Uklanski's Summer Love outside at sundown against the old Western set in Pioneertown (the film is the first Polish Western and it was stunning!); and several long hikes through the desert.

Miss Carolyn fluffing the pillows of her Wagon Station.

Carolyn's Meditation Chamber Wagon Station -- a total oasis!

We went for a drive to see Jack Pierson's Welcome to Wonder Valley! project and came across what looked to be an antique Wagon Station.

Jack Pierson's Palms mirage

The real deal

Inside The Palms -- reminds me of the Butte Tavern

The gals in The Palms (me, Carolyn, and Stacey)

On the road again

great vehicle

Winding down in the evening

Taking a hike

So now I'm working on designs and drawings for the show at Traywick Contemporary and on my project with Marina Perez-Wong Produced by Marina Perez-Wong for Megan Wilson. I'll post more about this project soon.