Unforeseen Forces


Yet another bout with the flu. My theory is that it's from flying domestic airlines in the U.S. -- with all of their reductions in services, I think sanitation has probably been another one added to the cuts. Everytime I fly a domestic U.S. airline, I find myself getting sick soon thereafter.

My favorite airline? Singapore!!! So many amenities (and this is just coach), good food, real silverware, etc. And even domestic airlines in other countries so blow away U.S. airlines. When you fly Indonesia's domestic airline Garuda (even if it's just an hour flight from Java to Bali), you're given a breakfast, lunch, or dinner box while you're boarding the plane and then once seated, the hot towels are dispursed.

I've been feeling pretty miserable all week and spent yesterday lying in bed all day with the kitten listening to Arvo Part and meditating. Most appropriate was Part's Miserere, which is my favorite.

However, I did make a point to muster up the little energy that I did have on Friday to head over to the opening at Southern Exposure: Artist Projects by Chris Bell, Elaine Buckholtz, Jenifer Wofford, and Bruce Tomb.

Jenifer Wofford's Drawing for Unseen Forces

We made it there right at the end of Jenifer Wofford's talk about her installation Unseen Forces, which was too bad because I really wanted to hear more about it. However, it looks AMAZING! As you walk into the back gallery, you first encounter several sculpted metal detectors that act as the entrance ways into a large space surrounded by full wall paintings of beautiful, lush, tropical landscapes with three monochromatic grey blocks on the horizon of one wall that could be read as buildings or references to the metal dectors. It was interesting how within this context, without agency, the metal detectors appear so benign in contrast to the affect they generally elicit when used as a form of intimidation and supposed protection -- which tends to be frustration and irritation. While the natural world with its facade of beauty and serenity is the true unpredictable danger. As I once wrote, "Never trust Mother Nature. She is the Queen of Delusion: heart of gold, head of fire, soul of uncertainty."

From Bruce Tomb's (de)appropriation project archive -- I did make it into the archive!

We did get to hear
Bruce Tomb speak about his (de)appropriation Project Archive. For 10 years Tomb has been documenting the wall on the outside of his home between 23rd and 24th Streets on Valencia. The wall has become one of the premiere spaces in San Francisco for wheat pasting posters that most often are of a social/political nature. I've loved this space since I first learned about it 8 years ago when we utilized it for Art Strike's Back. Since I've often makes trips over to the area just to see what's up. I've also taken advantage of the space myself to add to the wall. Definately check out the Archive and the space itself!

Unfortunately because I was feeling so ill, I left soon after the talk and didn't have a chance to check out Chris Bell's or Elaine Buckholtz's projects. But I'm definately be going back!