Top Ten for 2006

Top Ten for 2006

Happy New Year! I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around the idea that it's 2007; especially since I was in Joshua Tree meditating during the transition (great place to be for the new year).

So for closure and celebration of 2006, here's my Top Ten list for the past year:

#10. Crocs
I know this is old news, but I was very resistant to these because of the trendy factor. However, on the way to Joshua tree, we stopped at a sporting goods store and I tried a pair on and loved them! I ended up getting the last women's small in bright turquoise blue and wore them throughout the meditation course.

#9. Massages at Sain Saine!! (thank you Jack!)

# 8 Jimmy Carter

I haven't read his new book, Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid yet, but I'm looking forward to it. I have much respect for Carter, his commitment to social justice, and his fearlessness to stand by his beliefs and knowledge -- what an amazing role model!

#7 Skin + Bones
This is one of the most stunning exhibits that I've seen recently. I will definately be going back.

#6 Global Warming 101 with Al Gore on Oprah
Sadly, we know that global warming is way beyond the crisis point when the news is all over the mainstream -- and Oprah is a good barometer. That said, the fact he was on the show is hopeful.

#5 Spike Lee's When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts

If you think you got a pretty good idea of what it was like in New Oreleans during and following Katrina -- even if you get your info from the alternative press -- you didn't. This film is a must see and one of the best reminders of what lengths the U.S. government and its institutions (local, state and national) will go to to protect its privileged white and discard its black communities.

#4 Election 2006

What can I say -- any change away from the Bush administration is cause for celebration.

#3 Karen Dalton

Amazing!!!!!! A friend turned me on to her music and gave me a copy of her In My Own Time. She's a haunting mix of Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, and Janis Joplin -- with banjo!

#2 Vipassana Meditation Course in Joshua Tree
I've been practicing this meditation technique for the past three years and the only thing better is doing the course (it's 10 days minimum) in Joshua Tree.

#1 One year less of the Bush Administration

That's right! Bye Bye. It's true it could be worse the next time around, but at that point we might as well say bye bye to planet earth.