thank you gordon

Grammatically Deficient

I received the following email from my very astute ex-boyfriend Gordon in reference to my previous blog on Grey Gardens ("From the wacky outfits, to the cat obsession, the furs, the non sequiturs, to the oblivion for appropriateness ..... yup, I'm still cognitive enough to realize this. I knew there was a reason that out of the 100 or more documentaries that my friend Corey has been collecting, the first one that he'd pop in for our viewing was The Beales of Grey Gardens."):

"but, sadly, not enough to remember that the word you are looking for is
*cognizant* -- cognitive is indicative of the process of thinking, in
general. whereas ...

Main Entry: cog·ni·zant
Function: adjective
: knowledgeable of something especially through personal experience; also :

(Norm, I'm sure if you also read that entry, it was like fingernails on the chalkboard.)