My friend Amy and I spent our weekend at The Standard Hotel in LA. Our friend Carolyn Castano had an opening in Chinatown at Kontainer Gallery, so we decided the Standard would be the perfect accompaniment to Carolyn's show.

Carolyn's work looked beautiful! And The Standard lived up to its standard... for the most part. It was very cool, yet also kind of cheap (not in its rates) -- like a combo of Target and Ikea (looks fabulous in the photos, but the actual quality is sort of crap). I've also become so keen on and sensitized to design and architecture over the past several years; I was surprised by the number of design/function flaws.

The rooftop was fun and very sexy to be in such a funky environment in the midst of downtown LA.

My photo documentation ended HERE (almost):

Some security dude saw me taking pictures and ran over to me, blocked the camera (here), and told me that I'd have to stop taking pictures because "the hotel design" is copyrighted." This didn't really make sense to me, considering that I hadn't actually replicated the designs; however, I'd be happy to give them some tips.

I was able to get one more pic in the elevator: