From this week's Bay Guardian:

Truly eclectic and electric art movements spring from individuals, not institutions. "Galleon Trade" might be such a movement, a literal one, linking artists from California, Mexico, and the Philippines into a community. A small-scale (for now) retracing of paths once destructively journeyed by Spanish galleons, this project, instigated by Jenifer K Wofford (who recently contributed an impressive wall's worth of works to the UC Berkeley MFA show at the Berkeley Art Museum), is so playfully and imaginatively creative that it's critical. To raise travel and project funds, Wofford's putting on a silent auction that includes some great contributions by "Galleon Trade" contributors and other Bay Area artists. The site - the storefront of the old Oakland Tribune building - is just as awesome. (Huston)

6-10 p.m. (auction ends at 9 p.m.), $10

Tribune Press Bldg.

410 12th St., Oakl.

I have several pieces in the auction (the auction is also online! VIEW HERE!):

Untitled #4
Dimensions: 26" x 34"
gouache, pen, quilling (paper craft)

retail value: $2,600
minimum bid: $500

Untitled #2
Dimensions: 26" x 34"
Media: gouache, pen, quilling (paper craft), suede frame

retail value: $2,600
minimum bid: $500

For You
8 " x 11"
tracing paper, pencil

retail value: $500
minimum bid: $50