Selamat Minum

Selamat Minum dan Selamat Bagus Jalan ke Arie dan Nadiah!!!!!

Nadiah, Arie, and Nanuk

My friends Arie and Nadiah just got married a couple of weeks ago in Indonesia -- in three different ceremonies because it is not legal to for people from different religions to marry!!! So much red tape (birokrasi) to navigate through. I'm very happy for them -- they've been together for 6 years now. I sent Arie 2 pairs of Dickies for the occasion -- this was his preferred attire for the event(s)!! And our friend Kevin Chen sent him checkered shoes, which Arie had also picked out. They both look beautiful!! These are some pics from their reception in Jogja.

I love the floor! Arie probably painted it. He and Nadiah dancing

Arie and Sam dancing!

crowd pic, I think someone is making a toast.

I think this is Arie's mother talking to Nadiah -- she's really beautiful

family and friends