San Pancho


Ebx and I spent our birthdays in San Pancho Mexico. It was a total treat and good R & R before the opening of Home 1996 - 2008.

We spent time with Eliza's good friends Glades & Marco and their two brilliant boys Rio and Gael, as well as many other folks who Eliza got to know last winter when she lived there for a couple of months. We also had the opportunity to paint a mural for the Festival Para Los Muertos (our first collaboration!!). I had been thinking about how I could honor my Dad for Dia De Muertos and this was perfect.

An hour north of Puerto Vallarta, San Pancho is a mix of locals from the area, expats from the U.S. and Europe, and wealthy people who have property there. The community that lives there is relatively tight-knit and committed to education (there are lots of kids), the environment, and arts. Like many places, development and developers are out of control, though given the global economic crisis, that's likely to change for the foreseeable furture.

Our pool for the week.

Eliza and Marco in Marco's jewelry studio/shop. Marco Huizar is the Oscar Niemeyer of jewelry.

Marco's work

My birthday at Chile Rellenos

Eliza's birthday breakfast with her new toy

Eliza's birthday at Cafe del Mar

Eliza and Glades

Mural meeting of Colectivo San Pancho (organizers of the Festival)

Rio and Gael at mural site

Eliza working on mural

Working on mural

Mural in progress (all are invited to add names to honor loved ones that have died)

Introducing ... Chocolate & Strawberry! or KWIK!

Gael, Nicte, and Rio's art show (we collected several pieces!)

Marco delivering our rings!

Our rings

Glades and Eliza

Our new friend "El Gato" (aka Ezak Junior)