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Ubud Bali Indonesia

Back in Indonesia ... it's been three years since my last visit here ... hard to believe! Eliza and I arrived on Bali a week and a half ago to the scent of incense and diesel, and a rush of heat that settled in our bones, making us very happy... and very sleepy (or rather snailey) - not to mention the jet lag. We spent four days in Ubud and three on the coast in Amed. This is my usual routine here - to spend a week on Bali before making my way to Jogjakarta. However, I think next time I'll break the routine and come straight to Jogja. While Bali has the perception of being a relaxing transition space, it's really more like being dropped off at a large tropical outdoor mall. Though I also understand the necessity for it being this way - it's completely tailored to tourist demands and expectations and it's become critical for Indonesia's economy and survival of the island's residents, and those on neighboring islands.

So here we are ... grateful for the opportunity to balance ...

Agung Cottages, Ubud

Eliza after her banana pancakes



Amed ... Scrabble tournament ... thinking, thinking, thinking

still thinking ...

still waiting ...

and the drum roll ... please ... no really ... REALLY! ... SNAILEY????!

Really! ... Notice it's now dusk ...

I'll write more about our arrival in Jogja tomorrow. We're off to Sam and Ade's now.