Clarion Alley Mural Project is always happy to share our work - it's FREE - but we have drawn the line for most commercial purposes ... PLEASE contact us for written permission ... and if we do agree, PLEASE give the artists and CAMP credit. One of the things that has made Clarion Alley a unique space is that we've been going strong for over 20 years as a volunteer-run space without commercial ties. The few times that we have agreed to allow commercial projects to film on the alley, we've gone through a long process of ensuring compensation and credit to the artists & CAMP.

We were disappointed and felt disrespected that the creators of About Cherry, the Stephen Elliott / James Franco film used Megan Wilson's CAPITALISM IS OVER! If You Want It and Jet Martinez and Kelly Ording's Sons of Satya footage from CAMP without permission or credit - since they had been given Megan Wilson's card as a contact and told that if they did use the footage they would need to get written permission from the artists and CAMP.

CAMP was appreciative of Lenny Kravitz and Jay Z's team for their respectful attention to CAMP and the artists (Ray Patlan, Brian & Jasper Tripp, Aaron Noble, Edwin Garro, Ivy McClelland, J Garcia, Julie Murray, and MARS) featured in the music video Storm.