Remaja Bangkit/Reviving Youth

Remaja Bangkit/Reviving Youth

Here's another update from Aisyah Hilal from the Cemeti Art Foundation:

Dear friends,
Attached, please find Cemeti Art Foundation's Recapitulation of Donation's Expenditure for the post-earthquake response. The data was compiled upto the 30th of September 2006, some images of AkuOke! project, as well as updated information compiled by CAF's partners that received donation's distribution responding Yogyakarta earthquake (distribution of "5,9 SR Video Project" and "Remaja Bangkit/Reviving Youth" project).

In this September, on Mondays in Dusun Sampangan Kidul (Wirokerten, Banguntapan, Bantul), AkuOke! organised activities that suited the character of Sampangan Kidul's children in general, i.e.: the activity of aquasport on the village's river, playing the percussion music with Caesar (percussion musician, was active in the Gebu'in percussion group), playing various children game (gundu, halma, ular tangga, dakon, dam-daman, benthik, cuthik lele, panco, gambar umbul, and tebak gerak). In general the children of Sampangan Kidul tend to be individualistic, familiar with the idea of strong competition and differentiation among male and female, highly ignore to strangers' presence. Therefore, the options of activities AkuOke! has been giving are those that potentially negotiate to the above mentioned characters. The activities made possible of interpersonal cooperations, giving appreciations to somebody else's creation, role, opinion, either to female or male peers.

In Dusun Tegal, on Thursday during the month of September 2006 we had various activities, e.g.: making postcards for friends, tour across the nearest villages, the application of batik (tie-dye technique). On the 21st of September we did a tour to the studio of Papermoon, the office of Cemeti Art Foundation, and to the Taman Pintar in the complex of Taman Budaya Yogyakarta (Arts Center).
With the full conscience and consideration that AkuOke! is a side activities that take only small part of the children's life (among the family and village's environment), we then made an effort to communicate with the parents (especially the mothers), both in Dusun Sampangan Kidul and Dusun Tegal. AkuOke! was present in village's regular meeting. In this occasion we gave explanation on AkuOke! project, the findings during the interation of AkuOke! with the children, the obstacles AkuOke! has been facing, the changes that AkuOke! has successfully been observing among children, as well as delivering information that AkuOke! will soon be terminated.
Since AkuOke! project was initiated, we have been asking local youngsters to get actively involved in the activities, so that they keep up with the process of communication, interaction, and exchanges of idea, so that they would be continuing the similar activities after AkuOke! is terminated.

Last but not least, Cemeti Art Foundation would like to thank to friends and colleagues who believe Cemeti Art Foundation to pass on their support to the needed parties.
That is our short information. The updated report and recapitulation will be released in the upcoming early October. Thank you.