Rainy Day


It's a cloudy, rainy downpour day in Manila, so we're hanging out in the Living Room catching up on emails, blogging, and drinking hot chocolate. To top it off, almost all of the other Galleon Traders have returned to the US, so we're all sad and missing them.



Leslie and Bogart

I just happened to flip open a cataglogue that Carlos has here for the Biasa Artspace in Bali and I found this!! A poster for the Fetish show that many of my Jogja friends are in -- and Nano and Arya just emailed me and sent me images from in the last day! Congrats to all of you, I miss you!!

Nano Warsono's work

Arya Panjalu's work

Next blog will be from Romeo Candido's performance at Saguijo!