Last week my DSL crashed and I had to call my tech guru Alec (not my Web guru -- that's David Lawrence). It turned out that someone had linked onto my wireless network and gone into my router and changed my password!

I've been working with Alec for the past 4 years and he's been great! The last time I had a mini-crisis in December, I called him and he was just about to board a plane for New York, but still took the time to walk me through the steps to fix the problem. He comes over about twice a year to clean my computer out and share new software with me; this usually takes a couple of hours so we'll catch up on what we're each doing and projects we're working on.

Alec used to have a meter maid vehicle that he'd zip around in to different clients since it made it easier to park in neighborhoods like mine. So last week when he was here, I learned that he was no longer using the vehicle as transportation because he'd turned it into a photo booth for Burning Man (I'm finally going to go this year!). This turned out to be a HUGE success and has now officially become the Photoboof. It's great! And he's now being contacted by lots of folks who want him to bring the Photoboof to a wide range of events (these include the Love Parade, Nimby Circus, bar mitzvahs, and high school birthday parties). Check it out!!

I always love coming across people who don't consider themselves artists, yet they blow away many who do (myself included). I foresee the next big wave of Outsider Art being in the realm of "Relational Aesthetics" or "Social Sculpture" -- it's definitely a market opportunity for the commercial/institutional arena.