As in Oi Vei! (not "Hi" in Portuguese, one of the most complex languages to grasp)

(hi eliza, i meowiss you!)

I think the past year (and then some) has caught up to me -- I've been sick for the past week with a bad case of the flu (miserable for me, great for The Kitten) ... lots of activity and travel over the last 12 months, which has been exciting, but also challenging given other things -- most prominently the stress that's amassed from the harassment by my landlord. Among other things, we haven't had access to our power breakers for over a year and our garbage bin was moved from a locked room to our entry way on the street so that we constantly have people rifling through our trash. I could go on and on ... but I'll leave it to karma...

Instead will redirect to more pics from the trip to South America:

view from Eliza's flat in Buenos Aires

so love these road signs!

cool building


am loving the queer window designers! you GO boys!

this is for you Miss CC

snack after a literary reading in San Telmo

lounging ... happy b-day ebx!

x marks the spot

supposedly Jenna Bush's new digs in San Telmo

there's NO Escape from these hideous hearts!!!!!!!!! we got to know the Buenos Aires airport really well after we missed our scheduled flight to Sao Paulo (it was printed wrong on our tickets!!)

we thought of you, Dr. Arcega ...

and here we are in the taxi from the Sao Paulo airport to the hotel. we LOVE Sao Paulo -- it feels a little like a ghost city without the advertising -- will write more about the experience when I'm feeling better.