New Images


A few new changes to my site:

1. I've posted images of three new drawings from the Spring Series.

2. I've posted a couple of images of one new drawings on the Drawings page.

3. I now have a Travel Section on the site that's under Related Activities.
The first page in that section that you'll come to is Mexico; to view other travels, just click on the name of the area (Central America, Central Europe, Indonesia, Japan, India).

It's amazing how much digital photography has changed documenting our experiences. I was stunned when I started working on this that I only had 40 images from Three months of travel in Mexico and 31 images from Three months of travel in Central America. However I have 612 images of Indonesia from a cumulative of 8 months there, and 271 images from one month in India! I've been a little slow on getting the captions and narratives of the trips up -- it'll be a project that I do when I return from Indonesia this next trip and have jet lag for a week so that I'm up at 4:00 a.m.