More Pics from Sao Paulo


Going through my pictures, I realize that most of them are of architecture, design, and environment. Not sure why, but I'm generally not as interested in the fun party pics -- not that we didn't have plenty of those moments during the travels -- I can't believe I don't have ANY pictures from the Gaby Bex show -- but when I pull out the camera, it seems to be for the structural/environmental experiences.

Sao Paulo had a very seventies feel to it -- I think some of that might be due to the lack of hyper visual stimuli, but I was also very aware of the attention to design elements that aren't part of the current consumer culture. One of the moments that left both Eliza and I stunned was noticing that the McDonalds didn't even have golden arches!!! The only complaint that we heard from residents with regard to the lack of advertising was that it's been challenging to provide directions for people.