More Facebook Fun


Just in the past week I've learned of 3 breakups via Facebook. I'm continually amazed by the information that people are not just willing, but almost giddy about sharing on Facebook. The "lists" are especially creepy to me -- not because folks are sharing stories about themselves, that part I find touching, funny, and amusing. However, in this fabulously contrived and controlled public forum, it's a wet dream for corporations, government, and anyone with an interest in hacking into your personal info for potentially screwing with you. But then again, it's all in the game and name of FUN! FUN! FUN!

Husband Announces Divorce to Wife Via Facebook

What is up with the Brits? They can't stop having affairs on 'Second Life,' and now it seems a British husband announced his divorce on Facebook -- of course, this was before he got around to telling his wife he was leaving her. Considering last month's disturbing news about a Staffordshire, England man who murdered his wife after she changed her relationships status on Facebook to single, this latest news is surprising.

Lancashire resident Neil Brady decided to change his relationship status on Facebook -- he announced to everyone he knew that he had, "ended his marriage to Emma Brady." Neil apparently thought his wife Emma wouldn't notice. Emma only found out that she was single after she got a call from a friend in Denmark who asked her how she was handling the breakup. Even worse, someone had commented on Neil's wall saying,"You are better off out of it."

Neil claims his wife had been seeing another man, but we've still gotta call bad form on this one. We don't care how bad your marriage is, your wife deserves the dignity of being dumped in person... and before you tell everyone else about the separation via an update on a social networking site. [From: Daily Mail]