Memories 2

More Travels Down Memory Lane

For you Dad
Love you!!

You know this more than anyone -- apparently I knew it when I
was seven. :)

Happy first b-day to me. It looks like a pretty healthy cake -- and
this is before you became health nuts!

Me and Brad, both with uncharacteristic straight hair. (I
think mom was using some wacky products on us.)

I think this might have been when I got caught trying to make Brad drink perfume...

Uncle Gary with Ian

Sledding in Pioneer Park -- do you recognize Brad and Stew's hats from the Canadian
games we went to?

Sande, Gail, Jeff, and Mark -- looks like they were at one of the many airports they
spent time at -- Sande, what's up with the not flying anymore?????! Do you know
something the rest of us don't??? I'll tell you this, I'll avoid flying any domestic
airline to the greatest extent I can -- Dad, you KNOW I love you since I'm willing to
fly United to see you. Because they SUCK!! But I will give a big plug to Singapore
Airlines -- they've always been great.

I think this is Pioneer Park. I love my hat!

Dad, I love your hat too, but what I love even more is the
fact that TWENTY years later your were still wearing the
same one -- as seen in my last post. :)

Yeah, I look really psyched to be around a bunch of "little kids."
I was clearly the designated entertainment while you guys were
drinking your hot totties. (Stewart, that's you next to me in the
Canadian Games hat.)

I'm not sure what this theme was that we're all wearing red and white
gingham -- it's either some wacky cute fashion thing that mom and
Roxy came up with or it's some "let's make the kids all look funny" that
YOU and Bob came up with.

You can pretty much mark this as the point that mom lost
all control of my appearance. Possibly a message to all children
-- you will be so much more thankful if your mother continues
dressing you and doing your hair (at least until junior high
when you will naturally be a funky fashionista).

Me and Carolyn-- we were so inseparable. I can remember
that we would tie our phone lines up for hours as we would
listen to radio programs together over the phone -- you
guys would get so pissed. Our favorite was the Sunday night
mystery series. We loved the story on Pompeii so much that
we taped it and listened to over and over again ... on the phone.
Yes, the true geek in me so apparent.

My favorite picture of you, grandma, and Herb.

Brad's vision of something. Brad -- do you remember this? What's going on?

More soon.