Hi Dad -- this for you -- some great (and maybe not so great) memories from over the years :)
I'll continue to add as scan the photographs... starting with early on ...
I love you!!

Do you remember this geezer? He came to us on his 9th life. Who would have ever guessed he'd be with us for another 22 years! -- run over by a truck, sight in only one eye, a pin in his jaw, couldn't breathe without his tongue sticking out ... and yet he went on to catch at least 3 birds a day (I can remember at one point counting 21 dead birds in our yard), snakes, bats, muskrats etc. I must say, I think Morris should be your role model.

It's me!!!

that looks like a pretty awesome toy!

first Christmas -- note the handmade slippers from Grandma Templeton
(as well as the stocking she knit me)


The new baby with stick straight black hair

A rare affectionate moment between Brad and I

I'm probably looking at Brad being a brat here.

Yet another rare fun moment with Brad and I