Maw's Broadsheet Project


My good friend Maw just finished her residency at The Headlands Center for the Arts. During the residency Maw completed her beautiful Broadside Project (2006).

I was honored to be included as one of the collaborating artists. You can check out my collaboration with Maw here.

Maw's introduction to the project:
When I arrived at the Headlands Center for the Arts for my summer 2006 residency, I realized this was the perfect time and place for me to work on one of my long-time dream projects: to complete a collection of broadsides.

I decided to collaborate with artists I already knew as well as with artists I met at the Headlands. I asked some artists to create an artwork in response to poems I had written during the residency. Then I asked the other artists to create a piece with no set theme to which I would respond with a poem. The only parameter was that the dimensions of the artwork could not exceed 6 by 6 inches.

I would like to thank Tony Foster for his help with design and production and also extend my gratitude to the Headlands
Center for the Arts for this opportunity.
-Maw Shein Win

Artists and Titles of Poems:
Jenny Bitner
The Wedding Party

Youmna Chlala
The Unexpected Visitor

Adrian de la Peña

Patricia K. Kelly
Summer in St. Albans, England, 1963

Danielle Julian-Norton

Claudio Orso
The Collective Dreams of Mice

Nathaniel Parsons

Christine Ponelle
Portrait of a Landscape

Matthew Rogers
The Blindfold That Shields

Megan Wilson
Girl With Turtle