I remember in the early nineties when my boyfriend at the time (John Hlinko -- :) hi john!) LOVED Mariah Carey. I'll Be There, Dreamlover, Emotions, Vision of Love, Someday blarred throughout our apartment. I would tease John endlessly with this little pop obsession of his (oh, yeah, he also loved Debbie Gibson -- now she was worthy of the ridicule, and he loved En Vogue -- I could understand this more). He would just grin and sing along louder. I thought Mariah was just sappy pop fluff. She wasn't Chrissie Hyde, Courtney Love, K.D. Lang, Michelle Shocked, Natalie Merchant with their political edge or hard rocker appeal.

Flash forward twelve years -- I'm sitting here listening to Mariah and I LOVE her! Mariah rocks! and always has. Whenever, I'm feeling a little heartbroken or in need of lifting my spirit, Mariah will in fact, Be There.

John you were right ;O