Carlos, me, Madam Imelda, Jennifer

Yes!!! This is real, not photoshop! My last night in Manila and who knew Madam would be out on the scene! We went to a benefit for breast cancer awareness, and there she was sitting in the center of the room. The best part was when our little entourage went to approach her, Carlos Celdran leading the way, and Imelda's daughter Immy came running up and announces to her mother "Do you know who this is? This is Carlos Celdran. He impersonates you on his tour." Madam's response: "Oh please, show me!" Luckily, we all positioned ourselves into photo-op mode and that was that.

Truly the best shot -- Romeo and Madam.

Woffles and Madam (no we don't know what that stain is).

I left Manila yesterday, shedding many tears. I miss my friends SO much, but I will see you all soon.