Luggage Store Projection Series Opening Celebration

LUGGAGE STORE PROJECTION SERIESOpening Celebration December 9th, 2010 6pm As part of the San Francsico Art Commission's Lights On Market Street

The Luggage Store will kick off its new Projection Series with a live performance and video by Hunter Longe and a sampler of some of the artists who will be featured in the series over the next 6 months.

Hunter Longe’s Quotidian Paroxysm is a video made by degenerating a series of pre-existing moving and still images into nearly abstract patterns of interference. Beautiful and unsettling, warping and disrupting the gridded framework of the pixel-based technology it employs, the piece is a reflection on the visual bombardment of our image-saturated society. A live video mix version will be created during the opening. The sampler showcases video/media works from San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York; and internationally from Argentina, Ghana, Spain, and the Philippines including pieces by: Adriana Varella, Akosua Adoma Owusu, barbara belloc, Carolyn Castaño, crystal am nelson, Eliza Barrios, Gina Osterloh, Jorge Bachmann, Paz De la Calzada, TWCDC, and Megan Wilson.

The evening will begin at 6:00pm in front of the Luggage Store with a 40-minute live performance by Hunter Longe, followed by the sampler. The projections will be repeated throughout the evening. The Projection Series is a new program of the Luggage Store, co-curated by Darryl Smith and Eliza Barrios. The series includes: 1) Media works projected from the mezzanine level of the Luggage Store onto the window to be viewed from Market Street; new works will rotate bi-weekly; and 2) Mobile projections that will occur randomly at site-specific locations.

Hunter Longe, Quotidian Paroxysm, video, 2010

Images from Megan Wilson's Home Journal, 2010

This should be really fun! The Parol Festival is also part of the Lights On Market Street and will be Saturday, December 11, 5-8pm - this is my favorite holiday event!!

Images from the Parol Festival in San Francisco 2008.