Jogja highlights: Random 2


When I was in Jogja in 2003 dangdut was all the rage. It was described to me as the "country music" of Indonesia because it originated among the working class. At that time the rage literally was over Inul, the most famous dangdut singer because she accompanied her performances with a raunchy grinding move and that was perceived by Indonesia's religious leaders as pornography. I went to a performance during that trip with my friends Arie and Nadiah. It was a somewhat surreal experience because sure enough it was pretty risque given the culture. Beautiful scantily clad girls would belt out arabic influenced pop ballads while grinding their bodies together with each other or the men onstage and sticking their asses out at the crowd. The audience was filled with hundreds of men (Nadiah and I were the only women), dancing together and holding hands.

Flash forward 6 years: dangdut is still in full swing with nightly performances at the Pariwisata. Eliza and I went with a group of our Jogja friends to enjoy the spectacle. While it's still mostly men, there are a few more women now.

Hanging with friends:

Dinner with Arie at Mila's

Mila's is one of my favorite restaurants in Jogja -- great atmosphere, great food, great mission!

Mie and Ebi (owner of Mila's) at Mila's

Nawang, Eliza and Nano at Via Via!

Sunday afternoon at Mie and Ingvild's (I'm looking through Mie's work -- she's an amazing photographer!!)

Ned Branchi -- one of Australia's best folk muscians! We were very lucky to get a private performance

Out and About:

Drawings on the wall of the tailor's Eliza went to -- love these!

Care-Four Mall

Care-Four Mall

Care-Four Mall

Care-Four Mall

Departure from Jogja:

Entering Jakarta via train


Hotel lobby at Jarkarta airport

Hotel hallway at Jakarta airport