Intersection Fundraiser

San Francisco - Yogyakarta Indonesia

Sama-sama/Together continues ....

Last Friday at Intersection for the Arts we raised $2,000 through sales of the Sama-sama/Together catalogue and lots of great artwork for the earthquake relief in Yogyakarta (Jogja). Additionally we've raised another $2,000 through donations for a total of $4,000!

However, the communities in Jogja are still needing our help -- many, many people are homeless and now families are dying from contaminated water. Please, please, please, if you can -- help by donating to the need! You can purchase a Sama-sama/Together catalogue for $30 (plus $2.25 for postage) or you can send a donation. For either, please send a check to:

Intersection For The Arts

446 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94103


Also -- please check out to get information on our team of friends in Yogyakarta who we're working with on this effort -- you can see exactly what the money is being spent on and who else had donated from around the world. It's been really heartwarming to see what an amazing grassroots effort the arts community has pulled together there -- and how many people are helping!!

Thank you so much to the following artists who donated work to the fundraiser:
Carolyn Ryder Cooley (who also did most of the organizing for the event -- and played music)
Alicia McCarthy (also helped organize and played music)
Peter Whitehead (also played music)
Sara Thustra
Lissa Ivy
Emily Prince
Christine Shields
Brad K. Alder
Aaron Noble

Thank you also to Kevin Chen who never ceases to amaze me!! and to Intersection for the Arts for always being such a great support!

I'll post pictures from the event soon. Until then, the images here are from Jogja -- this is one of my favorite new murals (it's very long).