The past couple of weeks have been disheartening politically with all of the finger pointing and the exhausting accusations around Senator Obama and his pastor. However, I did find Senator Obama's s speech earlier this week to be very inspiring and a breath of fresh air. As I've noted in the past, Obama showed his maturity and integrity in his ability to be measured, respectful, and compassionate -- something that the United States is SO in need of in its next president. I don't find the degree of these traits in either Clinton or McCain, and instead often the opposite.

I remember watching the last debate between McCain and Romney and cringing with embarrassment for McCain as he behaved like a pre-schooler -- even though I've never been a McCain supporter. He also revealed an edge of anger and hatefulness that I remember thinking if he were to ever hold the presidential office, the country could be in even worse shape than it is now. Clinton too has continued to posess such an air of being high strung in her desperation to do anything to win.

The primary has become tired and I think most of us wish it would just end! Obviously, I wish Clinton would drop out, and just as obvious, that's not going to happen. I suppose it's always an option to move out of the country if she takes the candidacy. Perhaps we could start a campaign for a Free Trade Agreement through which we could freely exchange citizens.