I've been working on the Home installation, it seems endless ... everytime I finish with one thing, I have a bizillion ideas for something else. Thought I'd share some of my inspirations/influences. I love the way each works with space and creating an experience that's out of the ordinary.

Verner Panton

Phantasy Landscape, Visiona II, 1970, Cologne, Germany

Circus Building, 1984, Copenhagen, DK

Spiegel Publishing House, Canteen, 1969, Hamburg, Germany

"The Light and the Colour" Exhibition, 1998, Trapholt Museum, Kolding, DK

Verner Panton's Home, Dining room, Binningen, CH

Verner Panton's Home, Entrance Hall, Binningen, CH

Spiegel Publishing House, Swimmingpool, 1969, Hamburg, Germany

Erco Lighting Showroom, 1997, London, GB

Varna Restaurant, 1970, Aarhus, DK

Yayoi Kusama:

West African Homes: