Indonesia Independence Day


After the collapse of Japan at the end of World War II, Indonesian nationalists under Sukarno took the opportunity to declare independence from Dutch colonial rule. With the assistance of indigenous army units created by the Japanese, an independent Republic of Indonesia with Sukarno as its president was proclaimed on August 17, 1945.

Indonesian National Anthem:
Indonesia Raya (Great Indonesia)

Indonesia tanah airku,
Tanah tumpah darahku,
Disanalah aku berdiri,
Jadi pandu ibuku,
Indonesia kebangsaanku,
Bangsa dan tanah airku,
Marilah kita berseru:
"Indonesia bersatu!"
Hiduplah tanahku,
Hiduplah negeriku,
Bangsaku, Rakyatku semuanya.
Bangunlah jiwanya,
Bangunlah badannya
Untuk Indonesia Raya!


Indonesia Raya, merdeka, merdeka
Tanahku, negeriku yang kucinta
Indonesia Raya, merdeka, merdeka
Hiduplah Indonesia Raya
Indonesia! Tanah yang mulia,
Tanah kita yang kaya.
Disanalah aku berada
Untuk slamalamanya.
Indonesia, Tanah pusaka,
Psaka Kita semuanya.
Marilah kita mendoa,
"Indonesia bahagia!"
Suburlah Tanahnya,
Suburlah jiwanya,
Bansanya, Rakyatnya semuanya.
Sadarlah hatinya,
Sadarlah budinya
Untuk Indonesia Raya.


Indonesia! Tanah yang sutyi,
Tanah kita yang sakti.
Disanalah aku berdiri
Ndyaga ibu sedyati.
Indonesia! Tanah berseri,
Tanah yung aku sayangi.
Marilah kita berjanji:
"Indonesia abadi!"
Slamatlah Rakyatnya,
Slamatlah putranya,
Pulaunya, lautnya semuanya.
Majulah Begrinya,
Majulah Pandunya
Untuk Indonesia Raya.

English Translation:

Indonesia, our native country,
Our birthplace,
Where we all arise to stand guard
Over this our Motherland:
Indonesia our nationality,
Our people and our country.
Come then, let us all exclaim
Indonesia united.
Long live our land,
Long live our state,
Our nation, our people, and all
Arise then, its spirit,
Arise, its bodies
For Great Indonesia.


Indonesia the Great, independent and free,
Our beloved country.
Indonesia the Great, independent and free,
Long live Indonesia the Great!
Indonesia, an eminent country,
Our wealthy country,
There we shall be forever.
Indonesia, the country of our ancestors,
A relic of all of us.
Let us pray
For Indonesia's prosperity:
May her soil be fertile
And spirited her soul,
The nation and all the people.
Conscious be her heart
And her mind
For Indonesia the Great.


Indonesia, a sacred country,
Our victorious country:
There we stand
Guarding our true Mother.
Indonesia, a beaming Country,
A country we love with all our heart,
Let's make a vow
That Indonesia be there forever.
Blessed be her people
And her sons,
All her islands, and her seas.
Fast be the country's progress
And the progress of her youth
For Indonesia the Great.

I have the Gombloh version of it given to me by Samuel Indratma (thank you Sam!) and I love it!! I'm listening to it right now as I write this.

I love how Inodonesia's national anthem is about the love of the country, the soil, the soul, it's youth -- "conscious be her heart and her mind" etc. versus war, bombs, and rockets .... hmmmm sound familiar?