How do we meet now? A portrait of San Francisco's art scene is changing

Sverige Radio – Swedish Radio

Program by Emelie Reosenqvist Aired Monday, October 13, 2014

When 23-year-old newly rich tech workers moving to the Latin working class district of The Mission in San Francisco and lyxrenoverar housing rights, not greet their neighbors, but please slafsar itself tacos for $ 1 and on the spot offers SEK 30 000 in monthly rent for a small one - brought the wrath of the neighborhood.

Not only because thousands of people are likely to be evicted, but also against flipping. Against the lack of interest in culture, against the gap that arises between rich and poor, artists and IT entrepreneurs.

Gentrification can in many ways be likened to colonization, like cultural workers of The Mission.

At the same time, how far from the radical ideals that characterized San Francisco is really the new IT entrepreneurs and tech industry?

What are the opportunities for artists and cyber-entrepreneurs must comply to meet? Will San Francisco continue to be a place of curiosity, diversity and radical thinking?

A program of the meeting or not meeting between the art technology and capital - and about who actually owns a city's soul.

Program includes interviews with Megan Wilson and Christopher Statton

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