Home Is Where The Heart Is

Home Is Where The Heart Is

My friend and former student Mei-Tsung (Mei was in my and Aaron Noble's painting intensive class at the San Francisco Art Institute, she received her MFA in painting) is back in Taipei and teaching. She sent a link to her most recent project and it's awesome and totally wacky! Thought I'd share:

Home Is Where The Heart Is (at night)

we are so tired from work...

there's a hole on my roof..

we'll find lumbers for you..

the forest isn't that far...

we'll be back before the sunset

i left my mascot in the forest..

i need to find it back...

be good, blacky!
built 2 houses today!!

Home Is Where The Heart Is (day time)

when the morning arrives

let's go find the light nymph


searching in the air

oh, my sweet balcky...

where is the light nymph?

oh?in utopia?

let's go and find out!

huu....here we are!

what's up, blacky?

don't worry!things would go well....
drowning in the endless fantacy.....

finally, knights found utopia, the small green land on rocks, and i finally could end my fantacy.......