Hippie Habitats

Hippie Habitats

Got no flowers for your gun, no hippie chick
Won't make love to change your mind, no hippie chick
No hippie chick, no hip hip hip hip hip hippie chick

(Kenny's son Rain in front of Phil and Tree's bus outside of Dexter)

This is Part Two of my:
In fact, I was a hippie chick!

For my good friend Maw who had no idea that I had been a hippie chick. Read below for Part One.

Alicia's bus outside of Dexter (Phil and Tree's was on the same property). I painted
the flowers.

The majority of my friends in Eugene lived in alternative spaces -- communes (the Church, Livewood, Merrywood, the Peacock Farm), old school busses, built out trucks, tents, teepees, yurts, etc. My favorites were always the renovated vehicles. I loved the creativity that went into them, the relatively low maintenance, the ability to be mobile (though this was often not the case), and the minimal space allotted for packrat tendancies, which I have bad! Dave and I did end up with an old Seattle city bus; however, we never used it for anything other than big road trips to various protests, gatherings, and Dave's gigs. By the time we had the bus, he was playing with the Crawdads of Pure Love, my all-time favorite Eugene band, but I'll save the subject of bands for another post.

Alicia's kitchen, next to her bus

There was one summer when the Butte Tavern's parking lot turned into one big bus/vehicle encampment with about 25 - 30 different homes on wheels at any one time. Folks would spend the days at the Keystone Cafe, smoking weed, and hanging out. In the evening, the propane stoves would get fired up, meals would be cooked, and the guitars, banjos, mandolins, and fiddles could be heard for blocks. Later on into the night would be the same except that the campfires would get started.

Inside Alicia's bus

My and Dave's bus on the way to the Nevada Test Site protest

Sunshine driving the bus to Nevada Test Site

Michelle, Kenny, and Eliza

The Peacock Farm (Graham, Michelle, Holly)

Jennifer at Alicia's bus