Happy Birthday To Me

Happy Birthday To Me!

I've been incredibly busy lately with work -- art and non-profit -- and a number of other things. However, I did have a really great birthday party a week ago that my best friends Amy and Carolyn threw for me (Thank You both!!!). It was a combo b-day party and mini-preview of my home installation (still several months to go before it's finished). It was a really lovely night spent with close friends, most of whom have been in my life for ten or more years now!!

Michael made me this for my birthday -- I LOVE it! We have an ongoing joke about McDonalds. We also have an ongoing joke that I'm a reincarnation of one of Mao's wives.

with Michael and Amy


Opening my fabulous gifts from Amy and Carolyn -- platform house shoes!!!

Shots of the installation in the living room

The hallway


David, Lise, and Jen

Michael and I probably in the middle of one our political discussions. Ayano and Sarita enjoying (or ignoring) the banter.


Jen as Dolly Parton meets Mozart


Glen and Carolyn


David and Michael

Lise and Amy talking with Jen

Sue and Llu

Ayano transformed into a big cat