Galleon Trade Manila


(yes, I've got the cheesy smile going)

I've been in Manila for 2 weeks now and it's been a whirlwind of activity and wonderful, memorable experiences. I'm very grateful to Jennifer Wofford for conceiving of & organizing this amazing project and including me in it. Thank You Woff!!!!

Please checkout the Galleon Trade Website to learn more and see what we've been up to since landing here:

Some of the highlights have included:

We've been hosted by 3 of the most innovative and creative artists here (and internationally):

Carlos Celdran

Romeo Candido

Juan Caguicla Photograph by Bea Ledesma

(Juan took the above image of all of us in the Living Room -- he's going to be coming to SF in October to photograph my Home 1996-2007 installation and dinner salons)

Spending time with the Galleon Trade California artists has been a total treat. Even though I've known all of their work for a long time (and written about almost all of their work over the years), it's been a great experience to get to see their creative processes and hear them talk about their art.

Eliza Barrios (photo by Eliza Barrios)

Mike Arcega (photo by Jenifer K. Wofford)

Christine Wong (photo by Jenifer K. Wofford)

Gina Osterloh (photo by Jenifer K. Wofford)

Stephanie Syjuco (photo by Jenifer K. Wofford)

Julio Morales (unfortunately Julio, Rick and Enrique couldn't make it to Manila)

(photo by Jenifer K. Wofford)

Rick Godinez (photo by Jenifer K. Wofford)

Enrique Chagoya (photo by Jenifer K. Wofford)

I don't have pics of Jaime Cortez's or Johanna Poethig's work yet.

Working at Green Papaya with director Pee Wee Roldan and sign painters Boy and Apeed has been an honor. Boy, Apeed, and I painted throughout the opening of the show at Green Papaya.

Apeed, me, and Boy (I'll have more pics of this project and info on it at a later date) ( photo by Jenifer K. Wofford)

Manuel Ocampo and Pee Wee (photo by Jenifer K. Wofford)

More highlights to come soon!!!