For Gordon

For Gordon!

David, Gordon and me at the Guardian holiday party 2001

[I love you dad!!]

I received this email recently:

seeing this guy dave get so much blogspace on your site makes me think it's
time for another series after you finish your current one:

"my ex boyfriends."

Gordon, this is for you!

Gordon and I went out for 6 months in 2000-2001. The first time we met was in the fall of 1999, he stopped by ATA, where I was working with TILT. Lise Swenson and I were having a meeting and Gordon stopped by to drop something off with Lise. After he left, I asked if he was gay. Nope, not gay.

We met again during the summer of Art Strike's Back. Gordon put in a proposal for a performance and then ended up spending a lot of time working with Lise and I on the whole series -- Gordon was the lead camera for many of the performances, including mine -- Better Homes and Gardens and his performance, The ABC's of Eviction was one of the best and one of the most controversial, which sums up Gordon. We had a lot of fun that summer during the series, and went on to collaborate on an exhibition at the San Francisco Art Commission's Grove Street site, We Lose Space, You Lose Culture.

I always describe Gordon as:

physically, a combination of


With a personality like:


Art Strike's Back

Art Strike's Back

We Lose Space