Exposing Fraud in the U.S. Economic Recovery Stats and the VisionVictory View Bomb ... And Here We Are Seven Months Later

Where on earth do the folks who are predicting that the economy is not going to slip into a deeper recession/depression get the crack they're smoking? Where do they think the resources are going to come from if the US continues on the current path? Really?

True unemployment/under employment is closer to 18%, the majority of Americans are deep in debt, education in this country is a joke, over 32% of the country is obese, the population of older Americans is growing fast, health care costs have increased dramatically in the past decade (while incomes have not), and the environment is a very distant afterthought to profits.

The economic booms of the past 20 years have been corporate driven/ government supported Ponzi schemes. The only thing I can guess is that there's some new Ponzi in the works ... Soylent Green anyone?