Dr.Phil T&A


Dr. Phil's sex commodity daughter-in-law, Erica Dahm (or Erica McGraw now)
and her commodity sisters!Ooooooooooo LA LA!! Looking paricularly ready
for a little roll in the hay.

Not that I've been hiding it, and I've actually probably mentioned it in my blogs at some point -- I have a bad TV addiction. And I don't just mean bad in that I watch television daily, I mean what I watch, I consider to be mostly trash TV. Not that it's a complete waste. This is where I get my pop culture education, which being an artist, writer, contemporary critic .... is non-negotiable. So, Yes, I watch Dr. Phil. Initially, it was out of actual interest (as my Oprah ritual still is). However, my opinion of this guy has low-rocketed exponentially since his first season, like six or seven years ago. Today, I consider his show to be as scummy as the Jerry Springer show (at least with Jerry Springer, he readily admits how lame his show is -- but caters to an audience that wants to see that kind of crap, while he cashes the checks).

Dr. Phil's sex commodity daughter-in-law Erica Dahm (or Erica McGraw now)
and her commodity sisters in bed together!

Why do I consider Dr. Phil to be so lame?? (I realize for most educated folks this is a no-brainer...) Because he seems to be such a hypocrite. I can remember watching a show back in May of 2002 with the theme: "Bad Influences." The show featured two sisters with the tag line: "she makes a good living as a computer programmer, but her twin sister wants to work together in the sex industry." [This is just ONE example, I could provide many more]

Excerpts from the show:
Dr. Phil turns back to the twins: "You're talking about selling yourself sexually for money ... And if you're going to be a commodity in that environment, then I guess the two of you would like double team guys, get in bed with them together? That's where the big money is, right? (he asks Dennis Hof, owner of the Bunny Ranch)

"It's threesomes, but that wouldn't happen with sisters," says Dennis.

"Yeah, of course not. That would be wrong!" says Dr. Phil, sarcastically. He turns to the twin who wants to work for Dennis: "So you're saying it's not demeaning to you to go to this place and sell yourself for sex. That's not demeaning?"

Dr. Phil's sex commodity daughter-in-law, Erica Dahm
(or Erica McGraw now) and her commodity sisters!

Apparently actual SEX ACTS are demeaning; however, grown triplets laying together naked in bed for a Playboy spread (read: sex toys for ANYONE) is perfectly sweet and worthy of daughter-in-law material (Dr. Phil's son Jay, married one of these naked sex toy triplets in August 2006).

I don't have a problem with the triplets, the Playboy shoot etc... they're adults they can make decisions for themselves. However, what I do have a problem with is Dr. Phil preaching to America and being presented as the barometer of Family Matters -- who provides opinions such as those above -- and such as those on TONIGHT's DR. PHIL -- during which he made some Miss such and such appear to be a complete slut and made sure to have her confirm that she "selected her own wardrobe." YET -- What an adorable daughter-in-law he has (yes, she probably is great -- but if she weren't his son's wife ...... hmmmmm...... and, "so just to confirm, YOU AND YOUR SISTERS PICKED THOSE POSES, RIGHT?")