Double Bill


The more things change ... the more they stay the same. This past week Hillary Clinton continued to exude her desperation in the primary campaign by grabbing at whatever tiny threads of insignificance she can in her attempts to unravel Obama's character.

I'm referring here to her remarks on Senator Obama's comments about Americans being "bitter" and turning to close held traditions such as their faith when life seems out of control. Again, I was impressed by Obama's ability to stand by his words, yet admit that he could have communicated his point better. And his statement was right on the mark. I think it's clear that Americans are embittered by the current state of the economy, the health care system, the war in Iraq, the perception of America by others around the globe, the environmental crisis etc. etc. etc. However, rather than acknowleding this truth, Clinton chose to continue with her grade school antics of playing bully.

It also seemed like a reckless move for Clinton to bring up her 8 years in the White House as wife to the president as a demonstration of her experience and ability to lead the country. Really --