THURSDAY, JUNE 9, 20117 - 9 pm


SF Camerawork welcomes Black Boots Ink photographers to discuss their work and their most recently published magazine.

Black Boots Ink serves an international audience by publishing photography, essays and poetry both online and in print, emphasizing a multi-voice, visual narrative about the rituals of life in the pursuit of happiness. Black Boots Ink conducts national and international projects to foster introductions of individual artists and collaborate on the creation of gallery exhibitions, public art installations and publications. The collective has conducted youth and adult workshops in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Honolulu, Mt. Shasta, and Guadalajara, Mexico.

The idea of the collaborative grew after the loss of a good friend, photographer Jeff Christopher, and was inspired by the members' shared love for books, photography, literature and art. Black Boots Ink aims to build a space that is creative, accessible, sincere, informative, and interactive, and to stimulate communication by making art in the community and returning it to the community.

Through monthly Last Sunday meetings with educators, poets, artist, and musicians, Black Boots Ink has grown to include collaborators of all levels of experience and all ages, and continues to introduce the work of numerous photographers, writers and musicians on Black Boots Ink is currently working on the fourth Black Boots Ink magazine and has plans for a book.

Free to the public. Talk begins at 7:30 pm.