Yes, MIA again... I wish that I could just post entries about my travels or the art projects that I'm working on (or should be), or fun social gatherings, or my social/cultural/political critiques that I tend to post most. However processing my Dad's death has been much more challenging than I thought, given that it was one of the most loving, healthy deaths that one could go through. So the waves continue.

On a lighter note, Bay Area Now opens this weekend. Lots of great work!

I will be one of the participating artists of the Galleon Trade: Bay Area Now 5 Edition. Unfortunately, our exhibition doesn't open until September 4th.

Galleon Traders participating in the show are:
Christine Wong Yap + Yason Banal
Jaime Cortez + Maria Taniguchi
Johanna Poethig + Peewee Roldan
Gina Osterloh + MM Yu
Megan Wilson + Poklong Anading