Bali Day 8

Bali Indonesia Day 8
Part One
It's hard to believe that it's only day 8. it feels like we've been here and several months worth of experiences. Sadly for me, Corey left today (Sunday the 9th) -- miss him already; especially since as I write the sky feels like it's falling. It's dusk and again monsoon sheets of rain combined with loud thunder and lightening. It was like this last night too -- but much, much sweeter and cozier to share it with your sweetheart.

Highlights over the past several days have included:
A trip to the Elephant Cave -- a cave carved into the face of a stone wall with spaces in it for alters to the wind, fire, and water, and alcoves for meditating. And checking out numerous temple doors -- while I have my fascination with the dogs here -- Corey had his with the temple doors.