Bahay Barrios


In February I visited Eliza at her family's home, Bahay Barrios, in San Diego. I was completely blown away by the kinship that I share with Momma Barrios's aesthetic!!! I absolutely love her sensibility of home.

Front entryway

Alter as you walk in. When I told my father that I thought Momma Barrios had him beat in alters, he didn't believe it until I showed him the pictures; his response was: "I think Momma Barrios and I would get along very well."


"Elvis" and "Armi"

Living room detail

Living room detail

Alter in living room in honor of Momma Barrios's brother Jessie.

The Barrios bowling trophies (most are Momma Barrios's). We went bowling on the Naval base when I was there and she put Eliza and I to shame.

Beautiful wall chandelier

Living room

Living room detail

New Year's alter 2008

Stairway up to 2nd floor

Detail of alter at top of stairs

Eliza's bedroom ... a foreshadowing of Galleon Trade!

Alter on the other side going down the stairs

Wedding photo of Leoncia Oribello Barrios and Efigenio Ruiz Barrios, July 1959

Family room

In honor of the service of Efigenio Ruiz Barrios as Chief Petty Officer for the US Navy

The large image in the background was part of the Mail Order Bride's Market Street Art In Transit project, photographed in this exact spot. The image is of Eliza and her parents.

Detail of the Mail Order Bride's Market Street Art In Transit poster

Dining room

Leony and Gino (Papa Barrios's nickname)! I love this!!!

Kitchen -- amongst other things, Momma Barrios collects magnets.

Homage to Armi

Homage to Armi

Homage to Armi