AkuOke! Update

Update on AkuOke! Project in Yogyakarta

From Aisyah Hilal at the Cemeti Foundation:

In October 2006, AkuOke! organized two time meetings in each village: Sampangan Kidul and Tegal. In general, the chosen activities were those that had not taken too much energy, considering the Ramadhan/fasting month. In Sampangan Kidul we held the percussion exploration activities, traditional children games, as well as making the Idul Fitri/lebaran greeting cards. In Tegal, we held session of hands-on practice of tie-dye batik and explorative usage of clay. Despite held in fasting month, the children's interest of participating in AkuOke! were still high.

As informed in our previous email, AkuOke! will be finished by the second week of November. On the 4th and 5th of November, AkuOke! runs one night camping program in Dusun Tegal, together with the good bye moment to the children, parents, local people and authorities. On the 6th of November AkuOke! screens the video documentation of four month AkuOke! activities in Dusun Sampangan Kidul.

Some of you have already received the video of "5,9 SR Video Project", but some of them have not, since we are still waiting for the video copies from the video project makers. Soon after available, we will send them out to you.

Last but not least, Cemeti Art Foundation would like to thank to friends and colleagues who believe Cemeti Art Foundation to pass on their support to the needed parties.

Best and strong regards,

Aisyah Hilal
Cemeti Art Foundation