SOLUTIONS! is a call to action. SOLUTIONS! puts forth the messages that are being demanded by millions, yet denied by an elite few. 


SOLUTIONS!, video animation, 2011.


As concerns continue to rise globally for the economy, unemployment, environmental degradation, food shortages, and human rights abuses, the call for “SOLUTIONS” has become the mantra of the masses. While primarily wealthy, privileged pundits and politicians debate this need and how best to address it on cable news, millions have taken to the streets throughout the world to demand action. Until our voices are heard, the call for revolution will grow louder. 

SOLUTIONS! is part of this call to action. However, rather than taking to the streets through direct protest, the project is using the same strategy that corporate advertisers uses to influence the public – utilizing strong graphics at select sites with targeted high visibility. With a colorful, pop interface and choice locations, SOLUTIONS! puts forth the messages that are being demanded by millions, yet denied by an elite few.



Luggage Store Gallery Projection Series 
1007 Market Street (@ 6th) 
San Francisco, CA 
September 1 – 30, 2011

Solutions was part of the Luggage Store Gallery’s Projection Series in 2011. The projections would screen from the Luggage Store’s mezzanine floor window out on Market Street in San Francisco. The projections would begin at sundown and run until sunup the next morning.

Responses to Solutions! were very positive. It was especially encouraging to see a very diverse audience of folks (young, old, all ethnicities, holiday shoppers, tourists, theatergoers, passersby, artists, and those who call the street home) specifically coming (or stopping as they pass by) to see the projections.

The goal of the Projection Series was to provide public audiences from all walks of life with the experience of thoughtful, engaging, and/or inspiring contemporary art for free. The project aimed to provide an unexpected and refreshing alternative to the corporate messaging that saturates our public space.