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Shaghayegh Cyrous, 2013

Crystal Hermman, 2013

Doug Rhodes, 2013

Zore, 2014

Narcania, Mike Reger and Erin Amelia Ruch, 2013

Ronin Miyamoto-San, 2014

CK1 Stencils, 2013

Cliff Hengst painting, 2012

Mats Stromberg, 2013

Yuka Ezoe and Naoki Onodera painting, 2012

Mike Reger, 2012

The Tamale Lady, Jet Martinez & Megan Wilson, text by Nick Hedlund and Ronin Miyamoto-San

CAMP, 2013

Block Party Invitation 2000

Scott Hewicker painting, 2012

Megan Wilson, 2013

Chuy Campusano, 1994

Jet Martinez & Kelly Ording, Sons of Satya, 2006

Horea, 2013

Jet Martinez painting at the Roxie Theater, 2012

Danny Gotimer, 2012

Kelly Ording, Roxie Theater, 2012

Barry McGee, Clarion Block Party 1999

Shaghayegh Cyrous and Megan Wilson, 2013

Megan Wilson, Fresh, Roxie Theater, 2012



Wall of Shame & Solutions by Christopher Statton, Megan Wilson, and Mike Reger, 2014

A Grassroots Not-For-Profit Project From Beginning to Future

Clarion Alley Mural Project has been a grass roots project from beginning to future. Organized by a handful of individuals who have volunteered thousands of hours with the added generosity of hundreds of community members who've committed their time and energy to CAMP since 1992. In a city that is rapidly changing to cater to the one-percent at every level, CAMP is one of the last remaining truly punk venues in San Francisco. The evolution of the project over since 1992 has been one of incredible successes:

  1. The initial transformation of the Alley from a primarily blighted space to one filled with murals - color, as well as the City's first black and white murals with a full range of styles and content - as a collective community effort;
  2. Over 700 murals created in the past 2 decades;
  3. The Labor Temple Project in the Redstone Building at 16th and Mission that includes a series of labor-inspired murals by Aaron Noble, Rigo 97, Susan Greene, Sebastiana Pastor, Isis Rodriguez, Chuck Sperry, Barry McGee, Carolyn Castaño, Ruby Neri, John Fadeff, Scott Williams, and Matt Day;
  4. The international exchange project, Sama-sama/Together through which six artists from SF (Aaron Noble, Andrew Schoultz, Alicia McCarthy, Carolyn Castaño, Carolyn Ryder Cooley, and Megan Wilson) completed a 6-week residency in Yogykarta, Indonesia and 4 artists from Yogykarta (Arie Dyanto, Arya Panjalu, Nano Warsono, and Samuel Indratma) completed an 8-week residency in SF painting murals, installing exhibitions, and participating in public dialogues;
  5. The ability of CAMP to support hundreds of artists;
  6. CAMP's ongoing collaborations with our many neighbors and community partners; and
  7. CAMP's active work in support of social, economic, and environmentatl justice.

Shaghayegh Cyrous and CK1, 2014


For folks interested in tours, you might have seen various tours advertised that include Clarion Alley. Please know that Clarion Alley Mural Project does not support these and often the information provided is inaccurate. Additionally, none of these tour groups have any connection to CAMP and do not have the history or experience with Clarion Alley Mural Project to represent the project.

We have asked the following tour groups to please respect our wishes to stop providing tours of our project and misrepresenting CAMP:
· Precita Eyes Tours
· The Real SF Tour
· Avital Tours
· Wild SF Tours

· ·Dylan's Tours
· VantigoSF
· Extranomical Tours
- Verlocal - definitely NOT a "true local experience!"
- Sidewalk Food Tours of San Francisco

We as the artists and organizers of Clarion Alley Mural Project would prefer to represent our project.

If you are interested in a tour you can contact

Christopher Statton, Voice of Resistance, 2015

Donations To Support Clarion Alley Mural Project

Clarion Alley Mural Project is a fiscally-sponsored non-profit project of Independent Arts & Media.
As an all-volunteer organization, your donation is greatly appreciated. We use contributed donations to maintain and repair the murals, provide paint and materials for our artists, and produce our events, including our annual Block Party in October.

If you would like to make a contribution to CAMP, you can:
Send a check to our fiscal sponsor Independent Arts & Media:
Please be sure to write "For Clarion Alley Mural Project" in the subject line

Independent Arts & Media
Attn: Clarion Alley Mural Project
PO Box 420442
San Francisco, CA 94142

CAMP will have a new Website up sometime in Spring 2015, the site will contatain a link to Paypal to provide a direct donation via credit cards.


Tanya Wischerath painting, 2012

Brief History of CAMP

Clarion Alley has been an enchanted site of bohemian culture at least as far back as the early sixties when artists like the Cockettes and Terry Riley performed in the same warehouse that the Clarion Alley Mural Project (CAMP) was based in until its demolition in 2001. CAMP was established in October 1992 by a volunteer collective of six North Mission residents: Aaron Noble, Michael O'Connor, Sebastiana Pastor, Rigo 92, Mary Gail Snyder, and Aracely Soriano. Photographer Fiona O'Connor documented CAMP from the beginning. Other members of CAMP over the years include Diego Diaz, Kate Ellis, Permi Gill, Maya Hayuk, Megan Wilson, Andrew Schoultz, Ivy Jeanne McClelland, Jet Martinez, Daniel Doherty, Antonio Roman-Alcala, and CUBA.

Today CAMP's core organizers include: Megan Wilson, Christopher Statton, Mike Reger, Ronin Miyamoto-San, Jean Yaste, Roisin Isner, and Jose V. Guerra Awe.

CAMP was directly inspired by the mural cluster in Balmy Alley focused on Central American social struggles. CAMP did not choose a single theme however, instead focused on the two goals of social inclusiveness and aesthetic variety. As a result CAMP has produced more than 700 murals on and around Clarion Alley by artists of all ethnicities, ages, and levels of experience, with an emphasis on emerging artists and new styles.

CAMP has contributed to the tradition of labor muralism with offsite projects at ILWU Local 6, at 9th and Clementina, and inside the Redstone Building at 16th and Capp (the latter, a cluster of its own, includes twelve murals). CAMP has also presented major gallery installations at the San Francisco Art Institute, New Langton Arts, Intersection for the Arts, and LIP. In 2003 CAMP completed an international exchange project, Sama-sama/Together with artists from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. As part of the project CAMP produced the 156-page book “Sama-Sama/Together: An International Exchange Project Between Yogyakarta & San Francisco,” published by Jam Karet Press.

Sama-Sama/Together, 2003

Changes To The Neighborhood Over The Past Two Decades
Over the past twenty years, San Francisco’s Mission District has radically changed. Especially over the past 10 years, the neighborhood has seen its rents increase tenfold. The average rent for a 1-bedroom in 2014 ia $3,733. Additionally, many longtime small businesses have been forced out by rising rents and the district has been hit by an epidemic of resident evictions.

Sadly CAMP has also been greatly impacted by the extreme gentrification of the Mission District over these past two decades. What started as neighborhood-based project committed to diversity and inclusion, is now a magnet for lots of folks hoping to profit off of the image that CAMP has created - from the developers and real estate agents who use CAMP as a selling point for the "cool, hip Mission experience," to those who use the space for fashion shoots, to corporations hoping to include the "gritty urban street art" image to sell their products, to any number of paid tours by folks unrelated to CAMP, spreading misinformation about the project, artists, and murals.

CAMP itself was evicted from our warehouse at 47 Clarion in 2000 to make way for new condo lofts. In addition to its long history as a space for artists, including Terry Riley, John Waters, and the Cockettes, 47 Clarion was the original office and studio for CAMP. We were then evicted from our garage on the alley in 2005.

Many of the artists who once lived in the neighborhood have also been displaced due to the outrageous and unaffordable hikes in rents to the area and the eviction epidemic. It's been truly heartbreaking to watch so many people who have spent years working hard and investing in the community be forced to leave because, while they have plenty of creativity, energy, and love for the neighborhood, they don't have enough money to keep their homes, small businesses, and community-based organizations.

Moving forward, CAMP will continue to be a force for those who are marginalized and a place where culture and dignity speak louder than the rules of private property or a lifestyle that puts profit before compassion, respect, and social/economic/environmental justice. The mission of CAMP is to support and produce socially engaged and aesthetically innovative public art as a grassroots community-based, artist-run organization in San Francisco.

Megan Wilson, Home/Casa, 2000

CAMP's Community Support
In addition to our mural work, CAMP has been very active in the community through participation in public presentations about public art and its role in social activism, including panels and presentations at Intersection for the Arts, the Commonwealth Club, Southern Exposure, San Francisco Art Institute, UC Berkeley, and at the Cemeti Art House in Yogyakarta Indonesia. CAMP co-directors Aaron Noble and Megan Wilson participated in the Penny Stamps Distinguished Visitors Program at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor to present CAMP, work with students individually, and provide consultation on developing a mural program to a group of community members in Detroit. Noble and Wilson also taught a public art course at the San Francisco Art Institute through the Painting Department that used CAMP as the framework and studio for the class. CAMP participated in the public planning process of the BART station at 16th and Mission Streets. In 2010, CAMP was a featured presenter at the de Young Museum as part of the series Street Art San Francisco: Mission Muralismo. In 2012 CAMP members Antonio Roman-Alcala, Jean Yaste, Jet Martinez, and Megan Wilson presented the work of CAMP at an event organized and hosted by Shaping San Francisco.

As part of our 20th Anniversary in 2012 CAMP artists painted the lobby, bathrooms, and created a window installation at our community partner, the Roxie Theater. Additionally, the Roxie hosted an evening of shorts from CAMP over the previous 20 years, including early footage from the first year of CAMP, filmed by Fiona O'Connor, narrated by Rigo 23.

In addition to the direct community, CAMP draws tens of thousands of visitors annually to the Alley to view the works of its highly acclaimed artists. CAMP also hosts an annual Block Party in October that has consistently brought over 1,000 people to the celebration, which features new murals, live and DJ music, film and video projections, and more.

Rigo 23, 2012

CAMP In The Press and Publications
CAMP has been included in numerous book publications including: Sama-sama/Together: An International Exchange Project Between Yogyakarta and San Francisco, Published by Jam Karet Press; Street Art San Francisco Mission Muralismo, edited by Annice Jacoby; Mural Art: Murals on Huge Public Surfaces Around the World by Kirakoss Iosifidis, San Francisco Street Art by Steve Rotman, On the Lower Frequencies by Erick Lyle, Reclaiming San Francisco and The Political Edge by Chris Carlsson, Hollow City by Rebecca Solnit, The San Francisco Labor Landmarks Guidebook by Susan Sherwood and Catherine Powell, San Francisco Bay Area Murals by Timothy Drescher, and Rebels, Reformers, and Racketeers: How Insurgents Transformed the Labor Movement by Herman Benson.

Using Images of CAMP’s Murals
Clarion Alley Mural Project is always happy to share our work - it's FREE - but we have drawn the line forcommercial purposes ... PLEASE contact us for written permission ... and if we do agree, PLEASE give the artists and CAMP credit. One of the things that makes Clarion Alley a unique space is that we've been going strong with integrity for over 20 years as a volunteer-run space without commercial ties. The few times that we have agreed to allow commercial projects to film on the alley, we've gone through a long process of ensuring compensation and credit to the artists & CAMP.

We were disappointed and felt disrespected that the creators of About Cherry, the Stephen Elliott/ James Franco film used Megan Wilson's CAPITALISM IS OVER! If You Want It and Jet Martinez and Kelly Ording's Sons of Satya footage from CAMP without permission or credit - especially since they had been given Megan Wilson's card as a contact and told if they did use the footage they would need to get written permission from the artists and CAMP. It conveys a sense of entitlement and diregard that's become a contemporary form of colonialism.

CAMP did appreciate Lenny Kravitz and Jay Z's team for their respectful attention to CAMP and the artists (Ray Patlan, Brian & Jasper Tripp, Aaron Noble, Edwin Garro, Ivy McClelland, J Garcia, Julie Murray, and MARS) featured in the music video Storm.

Scott Hewicker, 2012

The Artists We've Worked With Over The Years:

Over the years CAMP has worked with many talented artists, most of whom are just starting their careers and looking for opportunities to publicly display their work – some would identify themselves as primarily muralists or public artists, for others it's a chance to create public work for the first time. The styles have ranged from folk influenced to spray-can works to conceptual projects. In addition, CAMP has provided space for collaborative youth initiatives, such as Oasis For Girls, Horizons Unlimited and the American Indian Movement Youth Council. Many of the artists who CAMP has worked with have gone on to become highly regarded locally, nationally, and internationally.

Bunny Reiss and Ezra Eismont at the Roxie Theater, 2012

The impressive list of artists CAMP has worked with includes: Brad K. Alder, Rene Amini; APEX; AQUA; ATOM; Tauba Auerbach; Jose Guerra Awe; David Benzler; Amy Berk; BFK; BIGFOOT; BLIS; James Bode; Mark Bode; Chor Boogie, Vichian Boonmeemak; Emily Butterfly; Chuy Jesús Campusano; Carolyn Castaño; Cecil; CK1; Codit, Scott Cowgill; Carolyn Ryder Cooley; Andy Cox; DAGON; Diana Cristales-David; Shaghayegh Cyrous; Ethan Allen Davis; Bryan Dawson & Rogelio Martinez & Sayaka Tagawa; Matt Day; Eric Derail; DESIE; DINO; Daniel Doherty; Emory Douglas; DX; Arie Dyanto; Ezra Eismont; Emily (Butterfly); ESA; ESPO; ESTRIA; EURO; Yuka Ezoe, John Fadeff; Farhansiki, Julio Flores and Luis Lule; Pablo Fonseca de Pinho; FREE; Amilca Fuentes/American Indian Movement Youth Council; Shaghayegh Cyrous; J Garcia, GIANT; Danny Gotimer, Susan Greene; Chad Hasegawa; Maya Hayuk; Heart 101; Cliff Hengst; Ron Hennegler; Crystal Hermman; Max Hermann; Marisa Hernandez; Scott Hewicker; Horizons Unlimited (class taught by Carolyn Castaño and Amy Berk); Mia Houlberg; Scott Hove; Kenneth Huerta; Victor Hugo; Samuel Indratama; IVY; Roisin Isner; Marisa Jahn; Xylor Jane; Mario Joel; Chris Johansen; K2, Jamila Keba; Dan Kennedy, Michael Kershrar; Keith Knight; Mari Kono; LANGO; Locust; Vatos Revere Life; Michael Loggins and Jamie Morgan; LUCHA; LUNO; Chris Lux; MACE; Scott MacLeod; Carlos Madriz; Jet Martinez; Alicia McCarthy; Barry McGee (TWIST); Jessica Miller; Julie Murray; Natel; Ruby Neri (Reminisce); Aaron Noble; Sirron Norris; Oasis For Girls (Sierra Bloomer, Micaiah Caplong, Su Mei Mai, Sunum Mobin, Nancy Salcedo, Amber Sanchez, Jennifer Tse, Lily Zhen); Naoki Onodera, Kelly Ording, Arya Panjalu; PastTime; Sebastiana Pastor/La Casa de las Madres; Ray Patlan; Michaela Pavlatova; Hilary Pecis; PEZ; Ray Patlán/Eduardo Pineda (Fresco); Jesús Angel Perez; Precita Eyes Mural Arts Center/Susan Cervantes; Kyle Ranson; Mike Reger, Bunnie Reiss; Renos; Doug Rhodes; Rigo; Clarence Robbs (CUBA); Isis Rodriguez; Cynthia Rojas; Antonio Roman-Alcala, Erin Amelia Ruch, Ron Salmeron; San Francisco Art Institute (class taught by Kristin Calabrese); San Francisco Print Collective, Ronin Miyamato-San; Andrew J. Schoultz; Mary Scott, Daniel Segoria; Steve Shada; Christine Shields; Aminah Slor; Greta Snider; SnoMonkey; Spenser; Spie; Christopher Statton; Alfonso Texidor; Gabriel Thormann; Sara Thustra; Brian and Jasper Tripp; Lucena Valle; Josh Wallace; WARNED; Nano Warsono; Scott Williams; Bradley Wilson; Megan Wilson; Tanya Wischerath, Lena Wolff; Jean Yaste, Zore & Hyde; and Zulah.

Jose Guerra Awe and Jamila Keba, 2013

Erin Feller, 2013