OM was part of the exhibition I.MAGIC.NATION, curated by Bunnie Reiss and Ezra Li Eismont at Warehouse 416 in Oakland, CA.

August 3, 2012 - September 29, 2012 


Megan Wilson, OM, detail, Installation (branded suede, wood, macrame, modular carpet), 10' x 14', 2012


A nostalgic journey through childhood in the 70’s... We grew up in a world where the power of imagination and magical thought filled our minds and our televisions. The 70's were a period of original, brilliant educational programming. The airwaves on Saturday mornings were full of brightly bizarre creations that were meant to ready us for the world. Songs, colors and strange characters taught us everything from basic counting to how a bill becomes a law. These lessons helped us to develop our own special worlds. Our nostalgic brains have translated our memories of what we took in as kids and how it has affected us as adults. 

I.MAGIC.NATION ::: Artists ::: 

Bunnie Reiss 
Casey Oneal 
Christopher Statton 
Ezra Li Eismont 
Leighton Kelly 
Maria Fatima Urbi 
Megan Wilson 
Melanin AKA Deadeyes

Animal  by Christopher Statton (drawing) and Megan Wilson (painting), 2012

Animal by Christopher Statton (drawing) and Megan Wilson (painting), 2012


Schematic and structural design by Christopher Statton