Home Sectional


Inside/Outside: Artist Environments
Museum of Craft and Folk Art
March 6—May 24, 2009

Megan Wilson, Home Sectional, Museum of Craft and Folk Art, San Francisco, CA, installation, 2009

Inside/Outside: Artist Environments

Featuring Edgar Arceneaux and Watts House Project, Jacob Sockness, Merritt Wallace, and Megan Wilson, along with historic documentation of famed California environments, and a new commission by Mike Shine.

From folk art environments to homes, artist environment builders blur the lines and push the boundaries of how we define art. Whether inside/outside the mainstream or inside/outside the gallery, the artists represented in the exhibition explore personal visions that speak to specific locales and histories. More specifically, Inside/Outside examines the artist environment builders who generally transform their homes, yards, or other aspects of their personal surroundings into multifaceted works of art that embody and express the locale—time, era, place—in which each of them live and work. 

-- Jennifer McCabe, Director, Museum of Craft and Folk Art



Big Thank You to Jeremy Adkins for installing Home Sectional!