Home 1996 - 2008 De-Installation


Megan Wilson, Home 1996 - 2008, De-Installation, 2008


Home 1996 – 2008 was a site-specific installation/environment that utilized the interior space of Wilson’s home to explore and challenge notions of comfort and protection, private and public, and the boundaries between art/life/architecture/ design. The title is a bit of misnomer because Wilson began working on the project in 2004 (the dates reflect the years that she lived at the residence).

The de-install and packing everything up was like a very painful breakup and I cried often during the final two weeks; all the emotions -- disbelief, sadness, anger, feeling numb -- that apply to losing a loved one, were there. I struggled with letting go of my home for years and sometimes I still experience the longing of wanting to return, accompanied by a deep sense of grief and loss. Difficult as it is, I’m grateful for the lesson in letting go.

I was also very lucky to have my dear friend and at-the-time assistant Marina Perez-Wong there to help me with the process - I truly could not have done it without her. Thank you Marina!







Living Room