Flower Interruption Performance Asian Art Museum


On Sunday, September 24, 2017 Wilson presented her Flower Interruption performance as part of the Flower Power exhibition and as a conclusion to the flowers that she had painted on the sidewalks of Fulton and Larkin Streets around the museum. For the performance Wilson created over 300 brightly colored hand-painted paper flowers that she and a team of assistants installed in the area directly in front of the museum. Once the flowers were placed and the ceremony concluded, audience members were invited to take the flowers with them as symbols of peace and love, as well as reminders of the beauty, strength, and fragility of life.


Flower Interruption performance, Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, 2017


Flowers Migrating Through Museum to the Performance Outside


Flowers make their way outside and the performance begins …

Flowers are in place …


Huge THANK YOUs to:

Christopher Statton - overall support!

Allison Wyckoff, Associate Director, Public + Community Programs, Asian Art Museum!

Maw Shein Win - poet!

The Interruptionists: Maw Shein Win, Thomas Scandura, Kyoko Sata, Annie Gaffney, Paul Gaffney, Dan Gudgel, Drake Manalo!

Photographers Quincy Stamper and Erin Feller!


Please visit the full Flower Interruption: AAM project here:

Flower Interruption: AAM


Megan Wilson & Maw Shein Win with the flowers before they leave the Museum for the performance


Performance begins …

Audience is invited to take flowers with them …